Mar 2017 – Current


aftrmeal PLT

My partner and I co-founded an online dessert company which provides high quality handcrafted gelatin dessert.

Sep 2016 – Current

Co-Founder & CEO

Rubilogy PLT

My partners and I started our own software design & development company which provides web design & animation, e-commerce, mobile & web application development, graphic design as well as video editing services.

Mar 2016 – Current

Founder & CEO

Dragon Ang Enterprise

I started my own software design & development company which provides web design & animation, e-commerce, mobile & web application development, graphic design as well as video editing services.

Feb 2016 – Current

Co-Founder & CTO


I work as a CTO in charge of the e-commerce issues within the company. PeaceTee is an e-commerce fashion company leads by a passionate team that strives to raise awareness of environmental issue, poverty, racism and war through apparel.

Jan 2016 – Jun 2016

Lead Software Engineer

MrKingsman Enterprise

I work as a Lead Software Engineer in charge of software architecture & development at MrKingsman Enterprise. I am responsible for the underlying architecture for the software program, as well as for overseeing the work being done by any other software engineers working on the project.

Mar 2015 – Nov 2015

Lead UX/UI Designer

Locatrix Communications

I am a Lead UX/UI Designer working with a group of 6 to develop 2 iOS applications. An exercise app called “Tabata” & a location-based game called “Flagtrix”. I am also a lead video editor in charge of creating demo app video.



Information Technology

The University of Queensland

I got my Bachelor Degree at The University of Queensland. I created 2 iOS applications, 3 web applications, 2 animated explainer videos and a flash game. Learned to cook and improved my social skills.


Information Technology

HELP University

I did a Twinning Programme at HELP University in order to study my final year at UQ. I created my first android mobile application which is called “QuizApp” & got a standing ovation during final app demonstration.


Canadian Pre-U

Taylor’s University

I studied Canadian Pre-U at Taylor’s University. I took computer science, business leadership, and etc. I created my first flash game using ActionScript. I did both front-end & back-end coding. It was difficult but I love what I do.

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Top Skills

Web Development

User Interface Design

iOS Development

Android Development

Business Development

Man Management

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Digital Strategy




Marketing Strategic

Product Development

Software & Technologies


Apple Motion/Sony Vegas

Hype 3





Kia Mong, Chia

CEO / PeaceTee

Dragon is a great co-founder and a best friend. He always gives support when I am in faults or frustrations. He is possessed of a knowledge, power and experience that few people have which permits him to work on many different levels to awaken and help the business.


Rachel Sato

PhD / Queensland University of Technology

Dragon is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about other people and wants to help. He is an explorer who has had some truly amazing experiences. He has led and continues to lead an extraordinary life, and has much to teach us through his unique view of the world. I would highly recommend his services, skills and expertise.


Kevin Yong

Project Manager / Hexatech International Energy SDN BHD

He is a very-intelligent, uniquely-gifted, compassionate individual. He has helped my company developed a beautiful website. I am eternally grateful for his guidance and friendship.